Our solution offers the insights you need to create a calm, creative and comfortable workplace.

wellness benefits

Healthy people essential for business success
There is evidence that the design of offices impacts the health and wellbeing of its occupants. People make up 90% of business operating costs, so reducing illness and resultant absenteeism could save you £$€. What steps can you take to improve the impact your space has on wellbeing?
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Indoor air quality matters
Good indoor air quality has low concentrations of CO2 and pollutants such as volatile organic compounds. Productivity improvements of 8-11% are not uncommon as a result of better air quality within buildings. How can you measure and improve air quality?
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Sound, light and temperature affect satisfaction levels
Unwanted distractions such as noise or poor lighting conditions greatly affect the overall satisfaction with a workplace. If it is too hot or cold, people cannot concentrate and are less productive. How do create the calm, comfortable conditions for success?
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Layout and workplace density
Workstation density and configuration can influence noise impacting concentration, collaboration, confidentiality and creativity. Up until now little data has been used to optimise layout and learn where and how people like to work. Can you use data today to create a workplace optimised for productivity?
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what we offer

Precisely define the needs of your business and identify spare capacity.

Use the Beringar solution to optimise workplace efficiency and drive operating cost savings. Drive up desk utilisation, understand meeting room room requirements and use desk and room booking technology to address flexible working and changes to work-life balance for your occupants.

“Our experience of the environment is the result of an interplay of heat, light, sound and many other factors. Buildings provide a multi-sensory experience. The senses need stimulation to react to otherwise boredom sets in.”


what we offer

A multi-sensor that does it all

Beringar HX series sensors measure temperature, humidity, pressure, noise, light, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds. They help you understand the quality of light and the frequencies of sound that impact performance. They calculate indoor air quality scores and provide occupancy data side-by-side with environmental data for added context. All of this in a single PoE-powered unit that is easier to install, manage and operate than a myriad of individual sensors trying to do the same job.

Understand the conditions for success

From ceiling mounted sensors, Beringar can help you determine local conditions in open plan offices and rooms. We provide you with data on utilisation along with environmental readings like temperature, humidity, light levels and CO2 readings. Find out how changes you make to the building conditions impact use patterns and improve space utilisation. Work towards implementing standards such as WELL™ and RESET® with real time data and insights.

Discover how well your buildings perform

Our web-based dashboard provides compelling evidence to support options for change, helping you to act to improve corporate real estate effectiveness. Monitor how changes in the number of occupants impacts the ability of the building to provide good working conditions. Make adjustments based on data and learn how each change impacts your building performance and real estate costs.

Balance the working environment

Your buildings should adapt as the number of people in a building or room increases to maintain the conditions for success. Use the data from Beringar to help optimise your building management systems and ensure that your are in the Goldilocks zone as much as possible – that zone where everything is not too much, not too little, but just right.


Beringar offers the most advanced real estate occupancy solution on the market, with a range of features that drive high performance workplaces and better cost efficiency.

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