Spatial analytics for smarter buildings

Beringar provides powerful building intelligence and space utilisation insights in an end-to-end platform so you can make better decisions with your space

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Optimise your spaces with real-time insights.

Make data-driven decisions with powerful and practical real estate intelligence. Understand building occupancy, right-size your portfolio and design spaces that work for you and your employees.

building intelligence

Clever spaces to unlock your potential

From desk availability to air quality, Beringar provides live and historic data that makes your office smarter, healthier and more efficient. With our state-of-the-art sensors and an intuitive dashboard, you’ll have all the information you need to drive change.


Understand desk occupancy down to the individual seat to truly manage your spaces.


Optimise your building temperature for cost-saving and comfort.

Air Quality

Measure air quality to ensure your staff and guests stay safe and healthy.


Monitor light levels to keep employee wellness and energy costs under control.


 Real-time spatial analytics for deeper insight into how your spaces are used.


Track and evaluate the impact noise levels are having on your employees.

"We use our space 35% more intensively now than we did a year ago."



Building intelligence, redefined.

Occupancy sensors

Beringar’s smart building sensors measure occupancy down to each individual seat, giving you a deeper understanding of desk availability, space utilisation and meeting room occupancy.

Intuitive Dashboard

Beringar workplace analytics can be accessed through an intuitive, customisable dashboard. Log in to view your spaces in real-time and gain a deeper understanding of your office or portfolio.

Environmental Sensors

Millions of data points are collected by the Beringar HX Series sensor every minute, giving you forensic detail of air quality, noise, light, temperature and more.

Powerful Analytics

Our AI-powered spatial analytics give you the information you need to understand how your spaces are being used, with data and reports delivered in a range of actionable formats.

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Delivering crucial business intelligence to leading organisations across the world.

8 million

Data points collected every day

350,000 sq ft

Managed by Beringar sensors and counting

10 x

Return on Investment

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As the nature of work changes, the spaces you own or occupy must become more dynamic, more efficient and more effective. Get in touch today and we’ll show you how to meet the changing needs of your business.