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We make state-of-the-art built environment IoT sensors and offer “sensors-as-a-service” to the NHS Estate and building occupiers to measure and boost the true demand for their assets.

Track Building Capacity Uptake

Use the sensor to count the actual number of people in a room and distinguish between employees and visitors. Use the information to boost capacity uptake.

Plan Health Services

Understand building use patterns to allow Health Planners to quickly find suitable locations to grow health and social care provision.

Track Moveable Assets

Use Beringar Tags and Sensors to position and locate moveable medical equipment.

The most accurate room occupancy sensor available

Compact and powerful

Our discrete design houses an array of powerful sensors to measure occupancy, service delivery and asset movement

Infrastructure independent

Using long range radio data backhaul (LoRa), we are able to deliver real time data without touching your internal networks

Monitors your environment

Built-in indoor air and gas sensors, temperature, humidity, pressure and sound monitoring to make sure your building is fit for purpose and safe 

We are in the process of developing our latest sensors, but we would love to keep you posted. Send us a message and we will keep you posted on the latest developments.

Mark I

Our proof of technology which was deployed successfully for 3 weeks at the Loxford Health Centre, London in March 2017.

Mark II

The next iteration of the Beringar sensor now includes digital tag detection and an array of environmental sensing capabilities.

Live Dashboard

We bring all of the data we collect over a LoRa network to a live dashboard to provide a full analysis of space capacity uptake.

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