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Our sensors deliver crucial data to uncover a deeper understanding of your future business needs.

Our sensors deliver crucial data to uncover a deeper understanding of your future business needs.

Beringar HX Series sensors have a machine vision sensor which detects, counts and positions people within its 50m2 field of view. The device offers the widest range of sensing with indoor air quality, indoor climate, sound and light levels collected simultaneously with occupancy data. It also incorporated Bluetooth 5 connectivity to support on site solutions such as wayfinding and local content delivery. Engineered to ensure strict privacy, this GDPR compliant, edge processing device transmits data using LoRaWAN, WiFi or Ethernet and sends data back to the Beringar Cloud where machine learning is used to transform data from the sensors into meaningful and actionable insights.

Intuitive and insightful dashboard with an easy to use interface

From people positions and advanced floor plans with heat maps to deep learning via powerfui database technology, the Beringar dashboard provides an easy to use interface for Property Managers, Occupants and Managing Agents. Live floor plans show the current available desks and rooms, emerging issues with climate or air quality, trends and patterns of use and green performance indicators that help gain a better understanding of how people and buildings relate to one another.

Easily integrated with building management systems.

A REST based API with OpenAPI/Swagger definitions, the Beringar API provides a powerful yet simple approach to leveraging the vast volumes of data provided by Beringar HX Series sensors. Secure authentication over HTTPS, the current API supports authentication via Java Web Tokens. The API  provides access to each sensor location and managed space within a building and provides real time access to occupancy and environmental data provided by the Beringar Cloud. This includes desk occupancy, room utilisation, indoor air quality, indoor climate, sound and light levels. Using the API, developers can easily integrate Beringar data into client facing applications such as resource booking and building management systems with ease.

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Scalable, secure system architecture

Based on Amazon AWS cloud platform, the Beringar solution leverages industry leading device, software and data security methods and is built to scale. The Beringar Cloud is built around an event-driven architecture and uses over-the-air update capabilities to remotely managed a solution that is fast to deploy and future-proofed.

“Beringar are pioneers in the builtinfrastructure space, designing a LoRaWAN solution that solves real world challenges and has the potential to revolutionise efficiency. This is what the IoT is for, adding real world value, delivering a ROI and making the world a smarter place.”

- TRACY HOPKINS, Global IoT Network

From adapting and learning its installation environment to determining typical business behaviour from data collected at the edge, the Beringar solution uses machine learning to drive insights and produce powerful datasets for AI training.

Using advanced people detection algorithms, the Beringar HX Series device analyses and produces data from its machine vision sensor on the edge. With no storage or transmission images or video, the HX Series is GDPR compliant, private and secure.

Working with highly scalable database technology that allows deep learning from big data sets and high frequency data, the Beringar solution is ready to drive a better understanding of behaviours leading to better real estate efficiency and reasoned recommendations for change.

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