Making space productive

Improve your space and reduce your costs by up 35%.

occupancy benefits

Employee Flexibility
Employees expect more choice about where, how and when they work. Pandemic challenges have forced the increased use of technology and overall demand for corporate space is difficult to determine. How do you right size your corporate real estate?
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Value for money
Real estate represents around 10% of business expenditure, but immature workplaces with dedicated desks and offices typically run 40-50% vacancy rates and waste corporate profits. How can you reduce the cost of your real estate?
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Business Fiefdoms
Business divisions are protective of their space and accurate use patterns have been hard to quantify. Freeing up unused space and reallocating it to productive use would improve business unit profitability. How can you prove the space is not used?
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Technological Change
As virtual meeting technology, augmented reality and robotics become more mainstream, corporate space requirements change and adapt. Multipurpose space mixes work with leisure, wellness and learning. Where can you find space to address these changes?
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what we offer

Precisely define the needs of your business and identify spare capacity.

Use the Beringar solution to optimise workplace efficiency and drive operating cost savings. Drive up desk utilisation, understand meeting room room requirements and use desk and room booking technology to address flexible working and changes to work-life balance for your occupants.

“I speak to building owners all the time through my role in Honeywell. They are continuously asking for meaningful data which makes their lives easier and enables them to make smart decisions on how to manage their building more effectively. Good data has good value and people are willing to pay for it.”

-ben wolf, honeywell

what we offer

Collect occupancy levels and detect usage

We install ceiling mounted sensors to detect usage, occupancy and movement patterns using machine vision and machine learning. Detect how often meeting rooms are used and work out whether you have the right space mix for your business needs.

Support a larger office population without impacting your corporate profitability by accessing comprehensive reports on real estate usage. Understand how layout adjustments and configuration boost utilisation and determine optimum meeting room size by better understanding meeting behaviour.

Occupancy monitoring in an office

Our web-based dashboard provides compelling evidence to support options for change, helping you to act to improve corporate real estate efficiency. Work out if departments have more desks than they need and determine reasons that some spaces are not used as well as they should be.

Beringar sensors cover up to 10 desks or 50m2. This makes it extremely cost effective to gain greater insight and understand your real estate needs. With a 7-10X return on investment, the Beringar HX Series offers fast payback and continuous support of a workplace that is more comfortable, better utilised and more productive.


Beringar offers the most advanced real estate occupancy solution on the market, with a range of features that drive high performance workplaces and better cost efficiency.

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