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Understand what is really happening inside your buildings with insights from the edge.

High Performance Real Estate is space that meets the changing needs of your business while minimising your resource utilisation.

As the nature of work changes and technology impacts how people do their jobs, the real estate you own or occupy must be more dynamic, more efficient and more effective. It should be a space that supports activity based working in a vibrant, flexible and healthy way. It should be space that minimises energy consumption while maintaining comfort levels. Above all, it should be space that lives and breathes in a more human way, unlocking our potential and changing our lives for the better.

Our solutions allow you to understand your building population over time and how well the building supports productivity.

Human performance is greatly affected by the environment we live and work in. Using the wellbeing insights we derive from machine learning can help you understand the areas of your buildings that require changes to support improved performance. A reduction in CO2 levels by as little as 10% can improve concentration levels, decision-making ability and comfort levels. Work out which desk, room and meeting spaces people prefer and why. Understand if the building environment is driving user behaviour and use this information to plan your real estate requirements and create a happier, healthier business environment.

Monitor occupancy in real time and understand usage trends with Beringar’s insights.

Our sophisticated algorithms can also assess the environmental impact of each occupant in each building, allowing you to rank your space and prioritise improvement actions suggested from our insights. Knowing how many people are in your space is key to cutting energy and reducing waste, ensuring your meeting rooms are used and reorganise your space to increase available capacity helping your organisation fight global climate change. 

“Beringar are pioneers in the builtinfrastructure space, designing a LoRaWAN solution that solves real world challenges and has the potential to revolutionise efficiency. This is what the IoT is for, adding real world value, delivering a ROI and making the world a smarter place.”


See at a glance desks that are currently available. Integrate with desk booking systems to improve desk utilisation. Provide more certainty for team members that prefer flexible working but want to know they have a desk available when needed.

Ensure your meeting rooms are used when booked and are the right size for typical meetings held there. Use the information collected to plan the reorganisation of your meeting rooms to increase available capacity from the same floor space.

Chairs in a meeting room

A kiosk mode for our dashboard can be configured to show live desk and meeting room availability, utilisation and wellbeing metrics. As well as historic building performance. This helps staff and visitors navigate to an empty space, driving up flexible space utilisation.

Beringar Kiosk Mode in an Office

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