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Our solution offers the data you need to reduce your carbon footprint.

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A real climate emergency
Real estate is the world’s largest contributor to the climate crisis. As the largest asset class on earth, it should not come as a surprise to learn that the sector consumes about 40% of the world’s energy and emits 30% of all greenhouse gases. How can you reduce the climate impact of your real estate?
Use less resources more intensively
Reducing the carbon footprint of your real estate portfolio can be achieved through a reduction in the overall floor space you occupy or operate. Understanding your true resource requirements will allow you to rightsize your estate and reduce GHG emissions. How can you measure the space you actually NEED?
Legislation is changing
More and more governments and local authorities are enacting new legislation and rules to encourage businesses to fight climate change. As a business leader, you need to be fully informed about your business impact on the climate with objective data and insights that you can action. What are your green performance indicators and how to do measure them?
Employees, investors and consumers care
Gen-Z are driving the fight against climate change. Some of the world’s largest and most influential capital allocators have been explicit that climate impact is now core to their investment decisions and consumers shop with responsible businesses. What tangible actions are you taking to make your real estate portfolio more green?

what we offer

Precisely define the needs of your business and identify spare capacity.

Use the Beringar solution to optimise workplace efficiency and drive operating cost savings. Drive up desk utilisation, understand meeting room room requirements and use desk and room booking technology to address flexible working and changes to work-life balance for your occupants.

“All new buildings in New York and Los Angeles need to be carbon neutral by 2030…the challenge with real estate is you cannot move a building…you are going to have to very aggressively adopt new technologies to help you comply.”


what we offer

Drive towards your green performance goals

Measuring the performance of your real estate in terms of greenhouse gas production per occupant can provide a more personal and actionable metric. It can help people understand how empty space significantly impacts the environment and allows each occupant to consider the space they need to be productive. Use the Beringar dashboard to monitor your green performance indicators (GPIs).

Find opportunities to reduce your space requirement

Monitor space use patterns and behaviours to identify where you can reduce the amount of floor space your business needs to occupy. Drive up utilisation of desks and meeting spaces. Get room sizes right for the meeting behaviour of your business and ensure that empty spaces are not heated, lit or cooled until and unless they are needed.

Increase capacity without impacting climate change

Access comprehensive reports on the use of your real estate and understand how adjustments you make to the layout and configuration of your workplace boost utilisation and reduce your impact on the planet. Supporting a larger office population through the introduction of flexible working patterns will drive up capacity uptake and reduce your overall pollution levels.


Decarbonising the world is no moonshot

Data and insights collected with Beringar sensors will help your business to identify, develop, and adopt critical new strategies to reduce your GHG footprint. Connecting Beringar data via our API to your building systems will help you reduce your the energy you waste and contribute to the real estate becoming greener and more efficient.


Beringar offers the most advanced real estate occupancy solution on the market, with a range of features that drive high performance workplaces and better cost efficiency.

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