David Walker Strengthens Beringar Team

David Walker Joins Beringar Team

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Former Hyperoptic Head of Property David Walker joins as Chief Revenue Officer to help Beringar scale.
Beringar is pleased to announce that David J Walker has joined the company as Chief Revenue Officer.
David’s career started at CBRE and has encompassed the broad spectrum of the commercial and residential markets both nationally and internationally. Most recently David was Head of Property and Sales Director at Hyperoptic during its rise from start up in 2011 to its outright sale to KKR in November 2019 when the company had reached nearly 1300 personnel. He will oversee the marketing, sales and revenue growth for the business using his extensive experience of real estate development and technology entrepreneurship.
Paul Byrne, Beringar’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO states, “David joins at an interesting point in the market with debate from both ‘the office is dead’ to ‘the office is moving toward quality and evolving as a workplace’. In either outcome or any in between scenario we see the need for accurate occupancy and environmental data in the built environment. Beringar’s response has been, and continues to be, the arming of both Landlords and Tenants with the ability to gather data and understand how their buildings are really being used.”
Based in London, David joins to strengthen the team and work with the market as it emerges from the current pandemic.


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David Walker’s Comments

Commenting on the move David said, “With an emphasis on understanding how a building is used, we can provide our clients with occupancy information and patterns for individual desk and meeting room use down to the minute. This will enable them to confidently introduce measures to support the return to the office after COVID-19 and provide assurance for their workforce and insurance providers alike backed up by a comprehensive dataset. Moving forward, it is clear that environmental monitoring within offices will grow in importance to enhance staff productivity and support wellness. Through the use of real time data we can interact with building’s building management systems to provide a more efficient internal environment and improve building performance. This means greater control of energy consumption through directing it where and when it’s actually needed, as well as the ability to optimise services such as cleaning, maintenance and security.”
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