How Beringar helped Highlands and Islands Enterprise identify potential efficiencies of £100,000

Introduction to HIE

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) is Scotland’s development agency for an area that covers more than half the country. It supports businesses, social enterprises and communities across the Highlands and Islands.

With a drive to maximise the region’s competitiveness and success, HIE’s 300 or so colleagues are located in 12 offices serving eight geographic areas, from Shetland to Argyll and from Benbecula to Moray.

Key Results


More Desk Use


Potential Efficiencies


Expected Return on Investment

The Challenge

After the pandemic, HIE made the decision to move to hybrid working. This could potentially free up workspace in a number of offices, which could then be offered to other public bodies looking to re-locate as part of their own office space rationalisation strategies. 

What the agency needed was data to assess the number of desks that could be made available to other organisations. This would help ensure maximum value for money in its main office, An Lòchran, at Inverness Campus, by sharing the running costs of the building with potential co-locators.

HIE also wanted to accurately identify the carbon footprint of its office facilities, to support its commitment to net zero carbon emissions. 

“Small goals are a great way to engage colleagues in making progress. They get people talking about the circular economy and about carbon reduction, and importantly about how we can promote the benefits and make a real difference.”

Mark Wilcock
Head of Facilities Management

The Solution

With the two needs identified, Beringar installed 38 sensors at An Lòchran to capture environmental and occupancy data at desks, informal meeting areas and meeting rooms.  

To make sense of the data, HIE used Beringar’s dashboard to view real-time data on occupancy rates, live attendance, indoor air quality, space usage and carbon footprint.

Beringar worked alongside HIE’s head of facilities management and facilities project manager, to develop and standardise a set of metrics. This gave senior management an insight into how and when spaces were being used and the quality of the working environment.

The work between HIE and Beringar showed that almost a third of desk space could be made available for other organisations and generate new income.

At the same time HIE has significantly reduced its carbon emissions.

“We chose Beringar because of their ability to provide a comprehensive view of our building and a deep analysis of the patterns of use. To make informed decisions we needed objective data and Beringar provided that. We can now be confident in our analysis and the steps we’re taking to reduce our costs, improve our environmental credentials and create a more productive, engaging workplace.”

John Ewart
Facilities Project Manager

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