Why is Wellbeing in the Workplace Important? An Overview

Wellbeing in the workplace

The modern workplace is more competitive than ever. With the ability to work from home, on-demand technology and remote work increasing every day, employers need to stand out in order to attract and retain top talent, and this starts with wellbeing in the workplace. More and more companies are focusing on creating employee-centric workplaces that […]

The Office of the Future and How to Create One

The office of the future featured image

The workplace of the future will look and feel nothing like a traditional office. In fact, it may not even be an office at all. While many businesses continue to maintain an old-fashioned view of what the future workplace should look like, forward-thinking companies are moving quickly toward a more flexible, dynamic and unstructured workspace […]

How to Test and Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Your Building

Test and Improve Indoor Air Quality Featured Image

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is an important part of creating a healthy and productive workspace. When indoor air is polluted, it can create several negative effects on people who spend time in that space. Poor IAQ can cause irritation of the nose, throat, and eyes, as well as headaches, difficulties breathing, dizziness, nausea and a […]

5 Best Desk Booking Tools for Managing Hybrid Work

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The way we work has changed drastically over the past few years. Hybrid working is now common for many mid- to large-sized organisations, defying what some critics called a phase or a blip. Sure, temporary adjustments were made during the pandemic to ensure that businesses could continue to operate, but those adjustments aren’t easy to […]

The Most Important ESG Trends to Watch in 2022 and Beyond

Important ESG Trends Featured Image

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are now becoming mainstream. These days, more and more pressure is being heaped on organisations to set sustainability goals and make ESG data more transparent. Why? Because ESG impacts everybody.  The public, investors and regulators are putting the sustainability initiatives of businesses firmly in the spotlight, so it’s important […]

Why is Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace Important?

Why is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) important featured image

Today, indoor air quality is a workplace priority. With increasing levels of CO2 and other pollutants in the atmosphere and higher standards for outdoor air, organisations are beginning to account for their own carbon output, as well as that of staff and contractors. Effectively tackling poor indoor air quality can seem like a daunting task […]

Types of Commercial Air Conditioning

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When temperatures rise, your business suffers in more ways than one. There are many reasons why it’s important to have a functional, efficient commercial air conditioning system at your disposal. The use of commercial air conditioners accounts for nearly 20% of a building’s total energy use, which puts a huge strain on electricity systems around […]

What is a HVAC System and How Does it Work?

What is a HVAC System Featured Image

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. All of these words refer to parts of the same system — a set of things used to keep our buildings at the right temperature and filter indoor air so we don’t inhale dangerous particles. If you’re thinking about upgrading your building’s HVAC system, there are a […]

How are Smart Buildings Shaping the Future of our Cities?

How are Smart Buildings Shaping the Future of our Cities Featured Image

As smart urban spaces become more commonplace, buildings are no longer just a place where people live and work – they’re becoming an essential catalyst for the transformation of our cities. Put simply, smart buildings are reshaping our cities. The rise of smart buildings has created new business opportunities for organisations operating in the built […]