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We all see and understand the climate emergency. By 2045, it’s imperative that we decarbonise the built environment, and this can only be done by working together. While the challenge is huge, BE-ST is laying a clear roadmap to net-zero that anyone can follow.

Built Environment – Smarter Transformation, or BE-ST, started life as Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC). Although the previous incarnation emphasised construction if only in name, they’ve always been focused on the wider built environment.

Now, after a recent rebrand, BE-ST is taking a more holistic approach as they seek to become a launchpad for a zero-carbon built environment at the build, operate and renew phases. They plan to do this by providing the connections and infrastructure needed to tackle the sector’s most urgent challenges, bringing academics, industry bodies and governmental organisations together in the process.

In its own words, BE-ST is dedicated to future-proofing the commercial environmental road forward. In order to realize this mission, the team has enlisted an 80-strong cohort of Innovation Champions – a diverse, industry-spanning network with a remit to assist the governance board and impact teams to lead change in the built environment sector and achieve zero carbon.


BE-ST’s Innovation Champions

We’re proud to announce that Mark Sorsa-Leslie, the co-founder of Beringar, has been selected as one of their Innovation Champions. Mark will primarily be focusing on data-driven strategies for building operations, looking specifically at the impact internet of things (IoT) sensing can have on reducing carbon emissions, improving wellbeing and driving financial efficiency.

Mark Sorsa-Leslie, Co-Founder of Beringar, said: “I am so excited to be selected as an Innovation Champion and I’m pleased Beringar can share our experience of using data to drive cost and carbon efficiency in the industry and to help close the loop on better building design through measured performance.

“For Beringar, it is really important to have access to a wonderful facility such as BE-ST Innovation Factory, not just to test ideas and meet key stakeholders, but to also share war stories on industry practices. This helps us to progress as a business and be part of the industry as it profits from and drives the undoubted opportunities the race to Net Zero presents.”

Among other things, the Innovation Champions will also help promote the work of BE-ST, assist with project applications, support industry engagement through thought leadership and provide insights to boost productivity, affect culture change and inform policy and legislation.


BE-ST Launch Event


Sarah Buchanan, Impact Manager Retrofit at BE-ST, comments: “Our 80-strong Innovation Champion network is an exceptional group of senior professionals from academia, the public sector and industry. All are passionate about transformational change in the built environment through disruptive thinking and innovative technology. Their expertise helps to shape the BE-ST mission of accelerating the built environment’s transition to net zero.

“The Champions shout out to share our message and support industry engagement with thought leadership and knowledge sharing. All of them are disruptive influencers looking to solve the big problems for industry in the race to reduce carbon emissions.

“Data-driven approaches to building operations are key to accelerating to zero. Today’s investors, facility managers, building owners, operators and contractors face multiple challenges including the rising cost of energy. Building analytics is a valuable tool which helps address operating expenses, tenant comfort and meeting sustainability goals. Digital Transformation is a key programme of support at BE-ST and we welcome the chance to collaborate with any partner in this space.”


A culture of innovation

Although the industry has been locked in a first-mover stalemate between funding and policy, organisations in the space can finally break the cycle and collaborate with the help of BE-ST, putting a culture of innovation at the very heart of the transformation. It doesn’t matter how big or how small the organisation is either  – every journey to decarbonisation has an achievable route, if only we act fast.

Beringar is on board. Are you?


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Mark Sorsa-Leslie

A Chartered Surveyor with a passion for technology. Developed a range of computer applications to support my work in real estate in the UK and 5 business start-ups so far. Over the last 25 years I have developed solutions ranging from eLearning platforms to IoT sensors and have been the bridge between business people and technology people throughout my career.

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